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Tantra Touch - Tantra

During the whole history of humanity, even today, sex and sexuality have suffered a severe distortion.
An energy, absolutely natural and vital to human beings which, due to social, religious and moral values, has caused a great deal of pain and confusion.
Men carry the weight of being the perfect lovers, of sexually satisfying their partners, of having the largest number of women possible on their beds. An idea chased by many men of what the perfect man should be, without really knowing what they feel or what they want.
Women, in turn, do not have any contact with their true sexual energy, many times. As the result of that much repression, women learnt to play a role in bed to provide pleasure to their partners, or to repress their sexual desire for fear of not fitting into the model of the ideal woman.
Sex is surrounded by so much repression, confusion and lack of consciousness.
You don´t know who you are, you don´t know anything about your body, you don´t know what you really want and don´t want. Thus, so many misunderstandings between men and women are inevitable.

Tantra is about breaking all those moral concepts about sex and sexuality.

The pathway of Tantra is the body, not the mind.

Accepting your body just as it is, with all its energies and particularities. Say Yes to what it is, thus opening a space of acceptance and awareness where stagnant energies can be unblocked and separated energies can be integrated if necessary, in order for your body to beat again.
Just as a child, when your energy simply flowed naturally and spontaneously.
So much energy has always been there, but at a certain moment, it had to be repressed and stopped flowing and expressing itself naturally. Vital energy, creative energy, sexual energy.

Life tastes different, looks different, things seem to have more life, to be more colorful, your body becomes more alive, beating in a way you never experienced before. Life beats in every cell of your being.

You start to accept and love your body;
To feel more connected to the Totality, to the Existence;
To recognize the Divine beating inside of you.
And then, a real meeting between a man and a woman is possible. From that state, a space of lovingness and vulnerability is opened, where two souls can truly meet one another.

An Inner Journey

But first, you have to dive inside yourself. The pathway leads you inside.
Connecting to your body – and lovingly say Yes to it – allowing the energies to flow and integrate one another spontaneously.
Then, a meeting with the Divine is possible, with the Divine within you, with the Divine within the other. That is the pathway of Tantra.