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Tantra Touch - Conscious Touch
Tantra Touch brings the art of touching.

Touch with the hands, touch with the eyes, touch with your presence.

How many people we cross in our lives? And how many we actually touch in any way?
Our purpose is to bring awareness, love and a state of presence into that touch. Touch through your body, with your heart and soul.

By means of that touch, the body can relax from the tensions we carry in our daily lives and open to receive the flow of love and abundance that the Existence is giving us every moment. In such an opening and receptive state, a meeting between two souls can take place in a space of lovingness and acceptance.

“I touch you: I give you a loving touch, a handclasp. The hand is not touching you: I am touching you, through the hand. The hand is just instrumental.
When touching, just touch through the hand and remember the inner one who is hidden behind.”