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Tantra Touch - ARUN Conscious Touch SUN & MOON

ARUN Conscious Touch SUN & MOON

An interactive meditation through a 4-hand conscious touch

Arun Conscious Touch is a journey into the complexity and mystery that is the human body, its electromagnetic field and muscle system, joints, bones and vital organs.
Inspired by various techniques such as Rebalancing, Reflexology, Craniosacral, Thai Yoga Massage, Arun Conscious Touch is an invitation into meditation, the silence space and inner relaxation.


Through a conscious touch massage with four hands and a state of presence, awareness expands and the body relaxes, enabling the energy to flow in a healthy and natural way. The session is offered by two therapists, a man and a woman, allowing a balance between masculine and feminine energies, and a state of deep relaxation is achieved through touching the body on several areas simultaneously. Thus, a space is created for the body to heal itself on the energetic, emotional and physical levels.


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